We believe that at the core of any Advertising process is the customer and it is important we address a need, otherwise the campaign is useless. We therefore go through a process we call THE CRITICAL MULLING.





Strategy Planning Process

  • We understand that strategy is the core of creativity and that effectiveness is creativity’s true goal.
  • Everything begins with a brief. A well-written creative brief that details the Client’s objectives always motivates the Agency team and awakens our creative juices.
  • We believe that to create truly motivating campaigns, we must find that place
    where what a brand has to offer meets what the consumer wants and communicate it in
    a true and relevant way.
  • This requires a thorough understanding of the brand, the consumer, the category & competition and the relevant cultural/environmental/societal factors.
  • For us strategy begins with the end in mind, so our starting point is the client’s objective; from a business and brand perspective.



Creative Development Process

  • Our goal is to create communications that are of international quality, local relevance and real world-class effectiveness.
  • We strive to defy the ordinary, to create communications that are fresh, imaginative and distinctive.
  • We know originality is only useful if it hits the mark; to break through the clutter we must give the brand a unique voice and perspective, but must also speak directly to the target.
  • We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ creative solution, so we emphasize creating appropriate communications for each brand in terms of content, tone and style.
  • We are not bound to any medium; we begin with a creative interpretation of the strategic idea, a BIG IDEA that can be executed in any way, from TV to experiential.
  • We understand that different brands and consumers respond to varying styles of language, image and ideas, so we staff our Creative Department with individuals with a diverse set
    of skills
  • Some of our Copywriters write more for the youth market, the critical mass, whilst others have a corporate focus.
  • In our Art Department some are experts in software generated layouts, some have a design bias, whilst others are naturally talented freehand artists