Our Approach to Media

  • We understand that context is as important as content; the right message in the wrong place will not connect
  • Our media strategy is based on a thorough understanding of client objectives and keen insight into consumer behaviour and habits
  • All recommendations are based on research; we use best in class planning tools to ensure we choose exactly the right media/programming
  • Our focus is on getting the best value by balancing cost effectiveness with relevance (a 50% discount in the wrong medium is 100% waste)
  • We monitor closely to ensure full compliance
  • We deploy rigorous controls and leverage our media relationships to keep costs down
  • We pass back all volume discounts. In some instances, we plough back the volume discounts to achieve more spots and more exposure for the brand/product.
  • Agency will earn a commission of 10% on total media spend.
    • Campaign deliverables
    • Media rationale, plan & schedule
    • Campaign Reconciliation schedule
    • Certification of Transmission