Our Approach

Knowing our stakeholders are diverse, we deploy various tactics to ensure all brand messages are appropriately delivered, stimulating positive brand image. Our tactics include:



Internal Communication Management

In recognition of the internal stakeholder as the most sensitive brand representative, we start our communication internally. This way, all employees of the organization understand issues around the brand and are carried along the scope of the vision, mission and other brand essentials.

With this view, we avoid a dilution of the business positioning & objective while recommending the most appropriate employee-communication model that best suits your organization.


External/Customer Communications Management

Customer relations is pristine and unarguably the soul of business and is only complemented with quality service which make the quintessential brand experience. We continue to find ways to help you better interact through conventional magazines, social media interaction, online magazines/newsletters among others. Whichever one we choose, the tools are strategically deployed to deliver desired result


Stakeholder & Investor Communications Management

Interesting business challenges abound in developing economies where epileptic infrastructure, housing deficits and unemployment have created a need for corporations to drive responsibilities that ordinarily are government’s. As a result, increasingly rational stakeholders assess companies and ask pertinent questions: is this company internally and externally people-oriented? Does it actually have the interests of its communities and stakeholders at heart? So now more than ever the reputation of companies has become critical to its success and acceptability.

With this in mind, we at DKK, focus and rank high the factors that could potentially affect clients reputation, create and implement response plans covering media relations management, corporate image enhancement, external communication and labour relations, bringing a smooth marriage between the investor and stakeholders in an all-round win-win situation.


Media Relations

Relationship is an integral part of human existence. Ours is a strategy that builds relationship and affinity with the media institutions. As a proficient media management firm, we take the reputation of our clients seriously, since we always feed the media well-researched information and analysis on our clients and the industry they operate in, thereby positioning you as thought leaders whose names tower above the din.


Advisory and PR Management

Companies function within the ambit of government regulations and policies which is largely informed by public opinion; unfavorable policies can adversely affect a company’s business plan regardless of how brilliant it might be. Since opinions count, companies need to influence key policy makers and stakeholders and sway public opinion by directing their messaging through the right channel to assure of favorable policy decisions and profit maximizing. Finding the right balance of meeting corporate interest and public tempo is key.

With an impressive staff and sources that have had the privilege of operating as industry personnel and opinion influencers, we at DKK systematically scan the opinion clime, assess public opinion, review the trends knowing that issues resulting from these usually pose as the challenges or the way out of it. Public opinion becomes a tool to move your business forward.


Community Relations (CSR)

Business goes beyond crunching the profit numbers and fat bonuses to the point where business is given a human face. And community relations is at the heart of the human face and is buoyed by a well thought-out corporate social responsibility. These twin factors are veritable ingredients that feature in DKK’s strategy for corporate governance.

We assist our clients in creating a buoyant long-term CSR plan that will foster relations with the local communities, provide opportunities for engagement, engender trust and assure profitability for all.


Online Reputation Management

Our research has shown an increasing youth and young adult strata of Nigerians who are constantly online seeking information. But what do they do with this information? Not only do they soak in the information, but they also transfer them by way of conversations across the millions on the web whether on social media or other online platforms.

However, as with daily communications between humans, an unintentional faux pas can happen which inadvertently puts the image of a company in poor light. We will develop a strategy that will drive conversations in ways that will provide a positive outlook for clients brand and reduce image crisis that may arise the in course of daily business.